Special needs support

Our school has a strong and active Learning and Support Team (LST) comprising of the school counsellor, learning and support teachers, ESL teachers, deputy principals and classroom teachers and parents as required.

If a teacher refers a student to the Learning and Support Team, the team will consider what services and programs will best meet the student's needs. The student will access the programs available and the parents of the student will be notified in writing to come up to the school for a meeting so that they can help to inform the development and implementation of their child's intensive support program.

The parent can also choose to refer there own child to the Learning and Support Team for academic, social, emotional, or behavioural needs. A copy of the Learning and Support Team referral form is attached here. LST - Parent Referral (docx 160 KB)

We have a range of educational options to support students with special learning needs which require additional support.

Every student is entitled to attend a NSW public school. If our school is your local school and your first preference, we suggest you talk to our principal to discuss your son's or daughter's needs and options.

Following your discussion, their learning needs will be assessed so that decisions can be made about whether they would be best suited to learning:

  • in a regular class with additional support, or
  • in a special class in a regular or special school.

You will be involved in any decision about the type of support.

After enrolment we will work with you and your son or daughter to continually review their learning needs at each stage of their education.


  • Enrolling in school

    Starting a new school is a big step for all students and their families. If you are thinking about enrolment, we can help with your son's or daughter's transition to our school. Please contact our principal to make an appointment to discuss.

    You might like to use our school finder to research regular and special schools which have specialist classes. It is important to be aware that placement outside of our school will need to be done with the assistance of our regional team.

  • Already at school

    If you have concerns about your son's or daughter's development or progress at school, or if they have special learning needs which have changed, please contact the principal, so we can best cater for your needs.

  • Transition planning for Kindergarten to Year 7 students

    Our planning is focused on the transitions that begin from entry into Kindergarten and Year 6 going into high school.