School Sport

The basis of the in-school sports programs at Parklea PS are to develop the Fundamental Movement Skills and Game Skills of students. These skills are taught and developed through the following programs:-



Students are explicitly taught and develop the 12 Fundamental Movement Skills. These are taught based on a continuum of skill development. Click here to view the continuum.


Students participate in weekly sport with their class. Kindergarten (Wednesdays), Year 1 and Year 2 classes (Tuesdays), participate in sport sessions that incorporate a wide range of modified games with an emphasis on full participation, skills development and enjoyment. These activities improve the child's gross motor skills, co-ordination and basic movement. The games are designed to teach team work and fair play.


Students who do not participate in PSSA representative teams participate in the school sport program. This program is developed by teachers to assist students' skill development and enjoyment of sport. These activities include a wide range of sports, modified games and skill development sessions. All activities are designed to improve students' co-ordination and skills that can be used across a wide range of sports.