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Last updated 4:44 PM on 5 May 2012

Opportunity class placement provides intellectual stimulation and an educationally enriched environment for academically gifted and talented children in Years 5 and 6 who would otherwise be isolated from a suitable peer group.

Opportunity class students are accommodated in one of the following class groupings according to the school structure: a Year 5 opportunity class; a Year 6 opportunity class; a Year 5/6 composite opportunity class; or a composite class consisting of opportunity class and nonopportunity class students. Offers for opportunity class placement will be made on the basis of the Opportunity Class Placement Test, school assessment and other evidence of academic merit.

Important dates:



   Online application opens

   30 April 2012

   Application packages available in schools

   7 May 2012

   Online and Paper applications closes.

   18 May 2012

   Principals complete processing of applications

   8 June 2012

   Test centre advice to parents

   11 July 2012

   Opportunity Class Placement Test

   25 July 2012

   Outcome advice

   23 October 2012


In 2012, applications for OC placement can be made online at the following website:



Parklea Public School will be sending a note home to ALL 2012 YEAR 4 STUDENTS that will give you more information regarding applications for 2013 placement. The OC test is not a compulsory test and as a result, only students who complete the application process will be able to participate in this assessment.

For more information, click here.

For past papers and sample tests, click here.

Finally, for all Opportunity Test related questions for current Parklea students, please see Mr. Fisk.