PBL at Parklea

PBL stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning. The PBL program is based on the strategies found on the PBIS site and backed up by positive results in the schools that have adopted it.

PBL refers to a system of school-wide processes for 'everyone, everywhere, all the time' and is a proactive discipline model that is based on the assumption that desirable behaviours should be taught. These expected behaviours are taught directly and systematically through social skills lessons, adjusted to suit each stage, and the referral of our behaviour matrix and reteaching of behaviours when necessary.

This section of our school website is dedicated to providing information and resources that we use at Parklea Public School to encourage all our students to be Safe, Respectful Learners.

We encourage parents and caregivers to visit this part of the site regularly to ensure they can fully support their children in displaying positive behaviour for learning during their time at Parklea.

PBL Handbook (pdf 2747 KB)


School Expectations

These expectations are to be followed at school, traveling to and from school, on school excursions and camps and when representing the school.

• Be Safe

• Be Respectful

• Be a Learner