Student Rewards

Positive reward systems are an important part of a school. Systems that reflect a school's culture and community can intrinsically motivate students to achieve their personal bests.


Our reward systems are as follows;


PBL Merit Awards are distributed at fortnightly assemblies. These awards are given by classroom teachers to students in their class. An award is given for Safe Behaviour, Respectful Behaviour or Learning Behaviour.


PALS are a quick 'caught you being good' reward that students earn by displaying positive behaviour, being kind to others and showing good manners. Students achieve a PAL, write their name and class on the back and place it into their own personalised, individual envelope. Once their preferred amount is reached, students take Pals to the Trade-In centre.


Parklea Perfections is the most prestigious reward system at our school. 

There are 4 levels of award, each with an allotted amount of Perfections to earn and collect.

Bronze Award Certificate & Badge requires 10 Perfections collected.

Silver Award Certificate & Badge requires an additional 15 Perfections collected.

Gold Award Certificate & Badge requires an additional 20 Perfections collected.

Medallion Award requires an additional 25 Perfections collected.

Students who enrol in Kindergarten should be able to work their way through the system before they graduate in Year 6. 


Once collected, students place Perfections in a marked envelope in the Front Office. Teachers spend time counting, collating and organising invitations for families to attend to a Perfections Assembly held each term. 


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