Parklea Perfections!

Parklea Perfections are our most prestigeous awards. They are a hierarchical system where students need to begin at the bottom and work their way up. Each level begins again at zero.



Students will receive a certificate and a badge for each level of the awards named 'Bronze', 'Silver' and 'Gold'. The final level is called, 'Medallion' where students receive a certificate and a medallion.


Once a medallion is achieved, students may begin the levels again. 



Teachers hand out an allocated amount of Parklea Perfections each term.

Example Reward Criteria:

  • Being a Safe, Respectful Learner.
  • Consistent performance within each students individual ability level.
  • Positive contribution to lesson, or activities.
  • Participation.
  • Positive attitude or enthusiasm.
  • Effort and/or achievement during a school activity.
  • Progress/improvement.
  • Outstanding test or exam result.
  • Showing respect and kindness.
  • Positive behaviour.
  • Service to others within Parklea or the wider community.

The Parklea Perfection box is located in the foyer of our School Office for students to submit. The due dates for Perfections each term are published on our school calendar. Refer to the following table for the number of Perfections required at each level of our reward system:

Bronze Award 10 Perfections Required
Silver Award 15 Additional Perfections (25 in total)
Gold Award 20 Additional Perfections (45 in total)
Medallion Award 25 Additional Perfections (70 in total)